Lizard stained glass panel

It's been a long while since I've done any new stained glass.  Painting is quicker.  And less painful.  ("paper" cuts from glass and copper foil, burns from the solder if you aren't careful)

But there is nothing quite like the look of stained glass art.

I kept track and this one took me 27 hours to complete from design to putting the hooks on. It's a 20" x 30" panel consisting of 100 pieces.

I made this one for my office window.  Then realized it didn't look good there and moved it to the family room where it gets more light.

It's a two piece project.  The wall and leaves are one panel.  The lizard is separate and soldered over the top. I did it this way because I didn't see a viable way to do the lizard toes justice if embedded in the back panel.

In hindsight, I probably should have made the glass behind the head clear.  When lit from behind, it makes it look like his head in in shadow.  However, a friend told me that "To me, it looks like the lizard is headed into the foliage so its head is in shadow.”  I like that.

Against a white wall.  Still might move it to here. 

Without sunlight
With sunlight behind it
The lizard by itself
Source image

Comparison of glass to inspiration - my dogs



Rags.  Not as pleased with the way this one turned out.  Keep meaning to redo it.  But then what would I do with this one?

Comparison of glass to inspiration - Woman, bear, husky

On the left is the original painting by the client, on the right, the stained glass interpretation.

Photo on the left, the completed stained glass on the right, complete with faux bear claws.

Photo inspiration on the left for the stained glass on the right.

Creating a stained glass project

My first paid commission was to replicate a painting in stained glass. Obviously paint and glass are two different mediums, but the reproduction was close.
The is the original painting painted by the buyer's sister.  
This is the stained glass design. 

The glass chosen for the project.

Pattern piece against glass.

Cut out piece.

Adding copper foil.  The solder adheres to the foil. 

Foiled piece

Laying pieces out on the pattern.  Using tape to prevent shifting. 

Horseshoe nails also prevent shifting. 

The interim phase where it doesn't look good at all. 

More pieces. 

Adding the background.

All the pieces laid out in the jig to hold them tight. 

Partially soldered, the silver solder covering up the copper foil. 

The back side completely soldered. 

Black patina applied to the silver solder. 

Completed piece without back lighting.

Completed piece back lit. 

Completed piece in sunlight. 

Bear stained glass with faux bear claws

Bear in the sun

Bear against the wall with beads and "bear claws"
The "bear claws" are made of carved wood and polyester fur.

Source image


In daylight


Not as pleased with this one.  It doesn't really capture his essence.
The (fuzzy) photo inspiration


In daylight\

My sweet pretty girl.  I miss her very much.
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