Creating a stained glass project

My first paid commission was to replicate a painting in stained glass. Obviously paint and glass are two different mediums, but the reproduction was close.
The is the original painting painted by the buyer's sister.  
This is the stained glass design. 

The glass chosen for the project.

Pattern piece against glass.

Cut out piece.

Adding copper foil.  The solder adheres to the foil. 

Foiled piece

Laying pieces out on the pattern.  Using tape to prevent shifting. 

Horseshoe nails also prevent shifting. 

The interim phase where it doesn't look good at all. 

More pieces. 

Adding the background.

All the pieces laid out in the jig to hold them tight. 

Partially soldered, the silver solder covering up the copper foil. 

The back side completely soldered. 

Black patina applied to the silver solder. 

Completed piece without back lighting.

Completed piece back lit. 

Completed piece in sunlight.